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Acidic Bulblax
Acidic Bulblax
Scientific Name Oculus radioactis
Family Grub-dog
Carry Weight 10
Max. Carriers 20 Pikmin
Seed Worth 12 seeds
Attacks Eats and asphyxates Pikmin

This type of Bulblax has fused with radioactive waste. It has a green color and it still has its signature melting appearance, mostly due to a side-effect of the radioactive waste. It could not only eat Pikmin, but it also asphyxiates them with a deadly fluid it secretes when it feels threatened. Every Pikmin caught in the range of the attack except for Green Pikmin will be instantly dissolved.


The Acidic Bulblax's ability to secrete acid out of its body is largely due to the part that it has fused with radioactive waste. It may also be in part that it eats radioactive waste as well. However, since it is digested by the beast, its internal tempature gets hotter, which could result in a nuclear explosion of apoctolyptic results. To prevent this problem, the Acidic Bulblax is usually found in colder places. Because of this, it keeps its internal body tempature much cooler, preventing the radioactive waste it eats from exploding. Should this fail, Acidic Bulblaxes sleep during the hotter months, which uses less energy, thus cooling the Bulblax down. As for the acid it emits, it is produced in a special chamber inside its body. When the radioactive waste is eaten, some of it goes to this chamber, which is prepared with a special liquid that is highly toxic, turning it into liquid form. It is then emitted out of its body by tiny pores on its back. These pores are usually closed while it is sleeping. However, when the Bulblax is theartened, it rapidly opens said pores, resulting in acid spilling over its body. This gives it protection from predators, like Pikmin. It also has the signature ability of all grub-dogs to use a powerful bite attack to subdue its attackers.

How to KillEdit

Only Green Pikmin can subdue this beast. Keep any other pikmin away from it at all costs!

--Gamefreak75 Zero Two Avatar—A friend of this wiki

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