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Sinister Incinerator's Water Temple Edit

This is the second dungeon in the Ancient Wetland, and you'll be able to reach it by exploring the island areas around the pool compound which feels like a much larger version of Pikmin 2's Shower Room entrance. You must avoid pipes which could suck your Blue Pikmin away as well as deadly electronic defenses- beware of the currents here. You don't want your blue forces to get swept into an electric fence! After plenty of trials and tribulations you'll find the way in, and unfortunately for you, this is a very difficult dungeon. It's similar to Zelda water temples like the one in Ocarina of Time and the Great Bay Temple in Majora's Mask because you'll have to figure out how to manage things like water currents and water levels. It doesn't help matters much when you're so small, either... if you haven't gotten the hang of teamwork in this game yet, you'll be forced to perfect it here! (That's also a hint for what the boss here is.)

Wildlife Edit


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