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The Assassin pikmin is a black pikmin found towards the end of a certain area in pikmin 3, you have to race it to the end of a small obstacle course, which only appears when it is there. It appears there every 5 days, sitting and meditating in the grass.

Attacks Edit

It has a two ways to kill every enemy.

  1. You throw it onto the enemy, and it uses a close range attack.
  2. You throw it onto sniping post or a small cliff where the enemy can't get to, and it uses a long ranged attack.

Other Ways to Get This Pikmin Edit

You can use the Assassin Candypop, which is black-and-gold.

Appearance Edit

The Pikmin has the shape of a purple pikmin, colored black, and has golden leaf/bud/flower. The Flower has a red center.AssassinPIkminSprites

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