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Ballistic Groink
Ballistic Groink
Scientific Name Megaplod pistolous
Family Unknown
Areas Penumbra Plains, Merciless Mountains
Underground Areas Web of Terror, G-Base
Carry Weight 10
Max. Carriers 20 Pikmin
Seed Worth 12 seeds
Attacks Fires explosive mortars

The Ballistic Groink is a cousin of the Gatling Groink that looks nearly identical save for pink skin instead of orange skin. However, upon sighting viable targets, the Ballistic Groink's eyes shine blue, and instead of a cannon opening up for a snout, the gills on its side split open to reveal dual pistols which fire rapidly. Running straight at the groink while it's firing away is more dangerous that fighting a grub-dog from the front. The trick is to find cover fast and wait for the groink to tire of blasting away at something it can't destroy. As it rests up and reloads, you can easily rush behind it and defeat it in its weakened state, so long as you have the strength and agility required to defeat it before it regains its energy. Ballistic Groinks are not common enemies, and the only overworld area they appear in is the Penumbra Plains and the Merciless Mountains.


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