Beach Of Recovery Is an area found in Pikmin RPG

Residents Edit

^Means That it only appears the first time night approaches while you are here.

  • Pikmin Larvae X6
  • Shearmin X3
  • Toady Piksters X2
  • ^Dark Pikster
  • Sea Bulbmin X10

Enemies (Night only) Edit

Events Edit

  • At night, if you first visited here, You will see the Dark Pikster and Its smaller relatives, Night Piksters.
  • If you obtain a gold Pikmin, The Sands Will shine and Silver Pikmin will Arrive.
  • At Sunrise, you can see all Enemies That you defeated at night while you're there.
  • Sometimes, the Pikmin Larvae Will Give you a Carrier Pikmin egg While at the Store.
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