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Black Pikmin
Resistance sticky/light
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Carrying Capacity 1

Black Pikmin can be found first in the Black Flower Garden in the Desert Oasis area. Although it is the first area, you won't be able to reach the dungeon until you meet Yellow Pikmin. Black Pikmin can be grown in Shady Candypop Buds underground. They look like normal Pikmin but are all black and have no facial features (other than eyes) like other Pikmin because their special ability resides in their own skin. They are sticky and will stick to objects like solid walls when thrown until they are called back. They also hold onto enemies longer than other Pikmin which may be shaken off. Likewise, sticky objects have a reverse effect on Black Pikmin- they are not affected at all. This means you can safely deal with enemies like Webber Dweevils, Sticky Clamclamps and Adhesive Wollywogs with much less trouble. They have red flowers.


After YearsEdit

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This Article Contains information about a non-canon game, Pikmin:The After Years, made by Gamefreak75.
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In Pikmin:The After Years, they are the second type of Pikmin found. They are found in the Voluptuous Valley.


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In PikSpore, this is the seventh type discovered. They retain their sticky attributes from Sinister Incinerator, and can also move on slippery oil and sticky mud without any trouble. They are discovered in the Dirty Realm, and are as small and cute as White Pikmin.

Pikmin:Wrath of Mr. BEdit

Normal blackpikmin


In Pikmin:Wrath of Mr. B Black Pikmin are found in the Wastes of Longing, and can be made by throwing pikmin into obsidian candypop buds. They are completely black, with two eyes and short horns. They are the size of white pikmin, and can stick to walls. Sticky traps don't affect black pikmin.