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Blue Pikmin
Resistance water
Attack average
Mobility average
Throw average
Carrying Capacity 1
Kingdom Plantae
Phylum Pikosimilis
Class Motopiknia
Order Motopiknida
Family Pikmidae
Genus Terracandere
Subspecies Terracandere Kuanaquas Kuanaquas

These are the third pikmin discovered in Pikmin, and the fifth in Pikmin 2 and Pikmin 3. In Pikmin, they are located in The Forest Navel. In Pikmin 2, you can find them in the Awakening Wood. In Pikmin 3 you can discover this infraspecies in the Garden of Hope. They can breathe water because they have pink gills that look suspiciously like their mouth.

Pikmin 1Edit

First, after you land in the Forest Navel, go down behind the Onions where there is a white wall. Break it down and go all the way down to where the blue Onion is buried in the ground. Break it open and use the Pellet Posies nearby to get a few blue pikmin.

Pikmin 2Edit

Use Yellow Pikmin to break down the electric wall past two Cloaking Burrow-Nits, and then use the Wogpoles and Pelley Posies to get a few Blue Pikmin that can take back the Decorative Goo Behing the Onion.

Pikmin 3Edit

Use Winged Pikmin to pull this Flukeweed where the onion is trapped.Link title

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Pikmin TCGEdit

Leaf Card Symbol
Leaf Card Symbol

Pikmin TCG
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Blue Pikmin appear in the Pikmin 1 Card Set. Their ability is the ability to resist water damage.

Pikmin: Secret of the EarthEdit

A Blue Pikmin is rumored to be the main character.

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