The most common Bulborb variant, the Red Bulborb.

Scientific name: Oculus kageyamii

The Bulborb is a species of the Grub-dog family which consists of three subspecies. They are some of the most dangerous enemies in the Pikmin games, but also some of the most common, appearing in almost every area in both games. Bulborbs are nocturnal and sleep during most of the day, preferring to hunt at night. Dwarf Bulborbs were thought to be juvenile Bulborbs up until the end of Pikmin 1, and were correctly classified as members of the Breadbug family in Pikmin 2. Captain Olimar noted that Bulborbs looked similar to his dog, Bulbie, which is how they got their name.

Bulborbs are apex predators of the Pikmin world. They have high vitality and enormous appetites, being able to chomp as many as five Pikmin with one bite. However, this also means that they have no natural enemies, and often leave themselves completely exposed while sleeping. Take advantage of this by sneaking up behind a sleeping Bulborb and mobbing it with Pikmin for a fast and easy kill, or toss Pikmin onto its back to ensure minimal loss. Bulborbs can vary in terms of strength and aggression. Tactics like these will work on most, but you may need to vary your strategies depending on the particular Bulborb you're facing and what the surrounding environment is like.


There are many known subspecies of Bulborb, each having unique coloration and characteristics which better suit them to different environments. They are:

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