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This Article Contains information directly from the Pikmin Games. This article is based off of an Enemy/Treasure/Area/Cave/Pikmin/Character from the Pikmin series of Games.


Reel NotesEdit

Could this be the next step in Pikmin evolution? Like the Pikmin themselves, it has many mysteries.

Crimson Candypop BudEdit

Main article: Crimson Candypop Bud

Flora rufusia

The candypop bud corresponding to Red Pikmin.

Golden Candypop BudEdit

Main article: Golden Candypop Bud

Flora aurumia

The candypop bud corresponding to Yellow Pikmin.

Lapis Lazuli Candypop BudEdit

Main article: Lapis Lazuli Candypop Bud

Flora cobaltium

The candypop bud corresponding to Blue Pikmin.

Violet Candypop BudEdit

Main article: Violet Candypop Bud

Flora puniceus

The candypop bud corresponding to Purple Pikmin.

Ivory Candypop BudEdit

Main article: Ivory Candypop Bud

Flora niveus

The candypop bud corresponding to White Pikmin.

Queen Candypop BudEdit

Main article: Queen Candypop Bud

Flora rigena

The candypop bud that multiplies pikmin by nine.

Assassin CandypopEdit

Main article: Assassin Candypop

Flora reduviidae

The candypop bud corresponding to Assassin Pikmin.

Dual BudEdit

Main article: Dual Bud
Dual Bud

Flora dos mixosa

The candypop bud that mixes two pikmin into one

Dusk CandypopEdit

Main article: Dusk Candypop

Flora neumond

The candypop bud corresponding to Onyx Pikmin.

Leafy Candypop BudEdit

Main article: Leafy Candypop Bud

Flora magnoliopsida

The candypop bud corresponding to Green Pikmin.

Shiny CandypopEdit

Main article: Shiny Candypop

Flora metalous

The candypop bud that turns Silver or Gold Pikmin into Bronze Pikmin.

Water Candypop BudEdit

Main article: Water Candypop Bud

Flora aquarius

The candypop bud corresponding to Cyan Pikmin.

False Candypop Buds Edit

Pesudoflora rufusia/aurumia/etc.

This type of Candypop Bud is deadly, because is actually EATS Pikmin. It acts like a regular Candypop Bud, but when an amount of Pikmin are thrown in, they are eaten, and the False Candypop Bud attempts to run away. The only difference is that they have spiky roots which can only be seen with the Camera.

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