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The carnivorous candy pop bud

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When Pikmin are thrown into this flower, they are swallowed and ingested. However, this creature is actually a member of the candypop bud family which simply does not spit out Pikmin seeds when Pikmin are thrown inside of it instead of five pikmin are thrown in It will excrete  a pollen like substance that will flower any near pikmin. It may take the guise of any color candypop bud. But it will have black claw like thorns. so the best way to unearth the detrimental flower is to swarm every candypop before you use it to ensure it's not one of these bad guys. If it's a carnivorous one, it'll struggle and then pop out of the ground, waddling in no particular direction using the leaves around the bottom of the plant to move. Just keep swarming it until it dies, don't throw Pikmin at it!

Take it Seriously! Edit

Pikmin: Sinister Incinerator puts these guys in the worst places. In fact, you might even think you've discovered a candypop like the Shady Candypop Bud or the Leafy Candypop Bud before you even find Green and Black Pikmin, so you might be tricked into throwing Pikmin inside. They may also be placed next to other candypop buds which must be used quickly to solve a timed puzzle. Be vigilant!


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