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back This 6 floor cave is filled with easy enemies up until the final boss. The Burrowing Snarrow!

Floor 1:[edit | edit source]

This floor has only 3 Dwarf Blue Bulborbs, so no sweat. Find the Digger Drill inside the last one, and dig down.

Floor 2:[edit | edit source]

Watch out for the Tropical Mamuta, It has the Digger Drill. Find the Yellow Onion Behind the Black wall, and the Yellow Marble behind the White Wall.

Floor 3:[edit | edit source]

Kill the Purple Bulborb, and get the Digger Drill and move down.

Floor 4:[edit | edit source]

Use your yellow pikmin to break down the electric wall, and get the blue marble, found by the pod, to the blue onion (Behind the wall.), now use the blue pikmin to kill the watery blowhog, and get the digger drill to move down.

Floor 5:[edit | edit source]

Kill the Fiery Blowhog with your red pikmin, and get the digger drill to move down.

Floor 6:[edit | edit source]

Move to the center of the Room and the Burrowing Snarrow pops comes out of the ground. Just try to get the pikmin on its head, and deplete its health until it is dead. Get the Uncorker, and open the geyser to escape.

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