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sussy Pikmin are, while canon, widely accepted as pseudo-canon. Many people who write fanon, and the Pikmin Wars community, accept this for any Ice Resistance needed.

Pikmin and the forgor skull💀[]

first in sussy Candypop Buds. resistant to ice forgor skull,strong againt water forgor skull

Also, Cyan Pikmin are resistant to blasts of freezing air.

DP Sequel[]

Nuvola warning.png Mysterious Raiders
This article contains information about the non-canon game, Pikmin: Mysterious Raiders, and made by the users on this Wikia.
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In Pikmin: Mysterious Raiders, these Pikmin return. They are found at The Twinkling Spring.

After Years[]

In Pikmin:The After Years, they are the third type of Pikmin discovered. They are found in the Frozen Plains.

Pikmin: Shadow Planet[]

In Pikmin: Shadow Planet they are simply light blue pikmin with a red's nose. They are resistant to ice/snow based attacks and can break ice. They are the 9th pikmin found and are found in the Coastline.

Pikmin 4[]

The Cyan pikmin looks similar to its appearance in Shadow Planet, but it acts very different. It is water and electric resistant (due to its color being light blue) and it is also ice & mist resistant, making it very useful for crossing poisonoous water.


They are the very last species of Pikmin discovered. They have fins running down their backs. They are resistant to ice and are crucial in getting through the last area and its caves. They are grown in Teal Candypop Buds, and are stored in the ship until you get the ereno tronter, which lets you grow them in the ship too.

Fall of Pikmin[]

Cyan pikmin.PNG

This game has cyan pikmin who are resistant to ice and can't slip over.

"These pikmin will never freeze in ice and are cautious so they won't trip over"[]

-Fall of Pikmin instruction manual

Pikmin: The Big Trip[]

They are the seventh species of Pikmin discovered. They are resistant to ice, which makes them ideal for fighting against teddious enemies such as the amogus Blowhog. They are found first in sussy candypops, however later in the game, it is discovered that they do have an onion.