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The Third Dark Spore Edit

Perhaps you noticed that there was one more cave to finish off in the Mountain Springs. You won't be able to reach it without Green Pikmin, which you should be able to locate on the way to the Quicksand Temple in the Ancient Wetland. Once you have discovered all Pikmin types, make your way through the acid-stained shores to reach the blocked-up spring. Break it loose and the warm, cleansing water will wash away the acid and clear the way for your Pikmin troops to reach the third of the Dark Caves at the end of the area. This is the first cave which threatens you with every element, so you need mixed forces. Puzzles are not necessarily tougher here, just the battles. In this way, it's more like a classic Pikmin 2 dungeon. The boss fight on the final floor is all about strength and force as well.

Wildlife Edit


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