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The Crushing Depths Edit

You'll spend many days exploring the massive area that is the Ancient Wetland. Even so, the Dead Man's Trench is a very elusive dungeon, its entrance only appears in a certain spot on every day with a multiple of three (3, 6, 9, 12, etc.) so plan ahead so you can find the way to this faraway dungeon ahead of time and find a way to get all your Pikmin to reach it. This is really tough, so it might take you a while... but it gives you plenty of incentive not to lose all your Pikmin down there! All Pikmin types are necessary- the toughest things about the dungeon are situations utilizing Black Pikmin and Green Pikmin. The boss itself is a difficult enemy with a cruel twist which could potentially ruin your strategy if you rely on sacrificing White Pikmin to poison enemies to death. In other words, lose that habit.

Wildlife Edit


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