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These appear to be Dwarf Red Bulborbs but with a huge parasite attached to the back that has taken over the creature's mind. It was originally thought that only grub-dogs were susceptible to these mind-controlling parasites (for instance, Bulbmin) but it appears that the breadbugs living among them catch the parasite as well. This particular parasite simply latches onto the host and grows to a large size, commanding the host to eat Pikmin so that the parasite can take in the nutrients without having to work. However, once the host is defeated, the parasite will take matters into its own hands by violently exploding in fury, depriving the host's predator of a meal. These creatures will do a sort of zombie-walk towards Pikmin and cannot be stunned and will not flinch. Crushing it from the top won't work either, the parasite's bloated body negates the attack. It is best to punch this creature until it cannot move anymore by just using pilots. These enemies are stupid and will walk straight into traps if you lure them.


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