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Dwarf Bulbear
Dwarf bulbear
Scientific Name Oculus terribilis dwarfum
Family Oculidae
Areas The Distant Spring, Perplexing Pool, Volcanic Wastes, Cliffside Meadow, Foghorn Wetlands

P:WoMB: Bath of Mystery, Land's End

Underground Areas Frontier Cavern, Glutton's Kitchen, Hole of Heroes, Dream Den, Jungle Tunnel, Bulborb Den, Inside The Cliff, Subterranean Canyons, Shining Forest, Challenger's Cavern

P:WoMB: To be added...

Carry Weight 3
Max. Carriers 6 Pikmin
Seed Worth 4 seeds
Attacks Eats Pikmin
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Cannicus
Class Vegeterii
Family Oculidae
Genus Oculus
Species Oculus terribilis
Subspecies Oculus terribilis dwarfum


Reel NotesEdit

A bulbear at an early stage of development in its lifecycle, this specimen appears to be nearly fully developed.

Olimar's NotesEdit

A grub-dog larva in its third stage of development, this creature's body structure is nearing maturation. However, unlike mature bulbears, it has yet to claim its own patrol route, and thus is dependent upon its parent for guarding direction.

Louie's NotesEdit

Remove innards, stuff with sage and finely aged prosciutto, and broil until golden brown. The ultimate crowd pleasers!

In non-canon gamesEdit


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They are very common enemies.

Pikmin: Wrath of Mr. BEdit

All spotty bulbears are followed by several of these juveniles as they patrol their territories.

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