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This age started after Olimar's first landing, when the Pikmin began attacking beasts on their own.

First BattleEdit

The first major battle was when the Pikmin attacked the Dwarf Bulborb Camp, during the night. The battle was disastrous. Almost the entire clan was destroyed.

Second BattleEdit

The remaining Dwarf Red Bulborb clan made an alliance with the bulborbs, and attacked the Impact Site, which is a sacred place for the pikmin. The Entire Place was ruined.

End of First WarEdit

The Pikmin population was almost destroyed, and they shrunk back into desolate, heavily guarded, fortresses.

First Cold WarEdit

When Olimar came back, the Pikmin and Dwarf Red Bulborbs were locked in a brutal cold-war. Both sides were in a race to develop hand held weapons, like swords and daggers, from a picture Olimar had accidentally left behind.

Second WarEdit

In this war, a small group joined the fight, and the Pikmin, with olimar, were protected, and were not in this war.


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