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Fall of Pikmin is a game in the Extinction Timeline. It is chronologicly the first in the timeline and feature some new pikmin types and Louie.

The pikmin population is falling and Olimar is on vacation with his family. Who will save the pikmin? Why, Louie will! He goes down to help them in The Ship and finds some new pikmin types.

Later, Louie finds a mutation in the Pikmin genes and sees that some parasites are taking over the vital organs. He meets a pikmin called Violet who can help him find a cure. He now has to collect herbs and fruits to create a cure.

Eventually, they find enough items to create the cure, but the Energystool stops them and Poisons the cure! They eventually kill him but realise that they made too little cures and many Pikmin became seriously ill.


The main character is Louie, but there are many pikmin types.



Red bulborb

Blue bulborb


Although this is technically the first game in the extinction timeline, it was the second designed.