Green Canon
This Article Contains information directly from the Pikmin Games. This article is based off of an Enemy/Treasure/Area/Cave/Pikmin/Character from the Pikmin series of Games.

The Flare Cannon was a weapon wielded by the Titan Dweevil in Pikmin 2, held on the dweevil's side. The dweevil would pull it out and spray a jet of fire towards any threat to keep them at bay. Any Pikmin that was not a Red Pikmin would be subject to a fatal burn. Even after the captains obtain the Scorch Guard from the Forged Courage by beating the Emperor Bulblax in Bulblax Kingdom, the fire is powerful enough to knock a captain down for a second. During that time the fire could sweep back and forth, burning Pikmin with the captain unable to retaliate. After the weapon took a lot of damage, the weapon's range would be much greater until it was finally destroyed.

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