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The Forest Depths serve as the fifth area in Pikmin: Sinister Incinerator. Behind where the ship lands is a dark chasm. Once you figure out how to cross, you can reach the Glowing Tunnels on the other side. If you instead go on ahead, you'll come to a valley that slopes down to an odd base of sorts made out of chrome and guarded by a variety of enemies. Carefully take them out and deactivate the barriers at the set spots to enter the Supercomputer Complex. The path ahead leads on to a completely trashed swamp which will require a lot of help from Green Pikmin and Black Pikmin to cross. Here, the path goes two separate ways- one leads past a dark shore to a dead-end with the entrance to the Predator’s Realm. The other one takes you to an ascending trail which ends in a bundle of sticks. You'll have to build this exceptionally long bridge across a chasm to reach a network of branches at the top of a tree. In the center of the tree lies the entrance to the Dark Forest Cave.


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