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Gambler Clamclamp
Gambler Clamclamp
Scientific Name Lapis degeneratus mysterus
Family Unknown
Areas N/A
Underground Areas Supercomputer Complex
Attacks Eats Pikmin, Causes boulders to fall

This is the strangest of the clamclamps. It will always at least appear in a set of two, although they may not necessarily be nearby... keep that in mind (it applies only in one situation, but it can be confusing if you don't know ahead of time!) Anyways, this is a golden clamclamp with a pearl that shines like no other. However, it sits by several others that look just like it, but without pearls that gleam as intensely. The pearl is extremely frail. If a Pikmin so much as taps it, it will lose 20% of its health immediately! But the clamclamp also reacts much quicker, closing down the second after it senses the pain. Call back your Pikmin before it closes, and wait for it to open again. Did you notice that when the clamclamp closed, so did the others around it? When they open again, the gleaming pearl will have moved from one clamclamp to the other. If you don't react quickly and find which one, the clamclamps will start shuddering, then suddenly they'll all clamp down at once and boulders will inexplicably fall like crazy until you're far from the clamclamps. When you return, the pearl will have regained all its health, and you'll have to try the game again. The trick is fast reaction time and quickly swiveling the camera. If you beat it five times without missing, the gleaming pearl will pop out and all the clamclamps will disappear in a big flash of light. This pearl is so fragile, you can't carry it. Just punch it or have a Pikmin attack it to break it and take whatever's inside! Could it be nectar or sprays?

Could it possibly be treasure or a key?


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