Glaxy, (GU-LAX-EE) is a boy who was born and raised on Hocotate, and one of the main characters of Pikmin Wii .


Glaxy was the offspring of Jude (JYU-D) and Watson (WATT-SUN) Dynamite. Glaxy's first name idea was Watson Jr. then it was Houstan (named after the territory that he was raised). When Glaxy was actully born and out of the hospital, he chose the star passifier instead of his chosen state colors' binki. The parents wanted to make a good, stylish, fun name that relates to space. Deep in thought, Watson opened a Glaxy-brand green pik-pik carrot and had found the perfect name: Glaxy!

Toddler daysEdit

Glaxy's toddler days were sad and hard. His mom had died when she went to work cleaning up the hovering platforms above Hocotate's thin atmosphere. A class 11 meteor hurled past the ozone layer and hit the hovering platform tha Jude was on and she fell off! It isn't confirmed if she really died, she just probobly got amniesia and lived as a hoboe. Watson remarried to a ladie named Marrie. Then watson died because he was smashed by a trash compactor.

Uncle G.Edit

Glaxy's brother married and the wife had a child! Glaxy was an Uncle at age 11.

Captian GlaxyEdit

Glaxy discovered a Red Ninja-Rank pikmin blueband and got a job at hocotate freight as space captain green-rank.


Glaxy's favorite color is green which is the color of the pik-pik carrots that gave him his name and his light at the top of his helmet.

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