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Pikmin 1 Enemies Return Edit

Behind the landing site in the Forest Depths, there's a deep, dark chasm of shadows where you'll seemingly fall to your doom every time you try to cross and see what's on the other side. The secret of the chasm is to head across as the sun sets. Glowcaps down there will start to light up when the sun falls down, making it very clear which path you must follow to reach the other side. At the other end, you'll find the entrance to this mysterious dungeon where you'll encounter foes you haven't seen since Pikmin 1 like Puffstools and this dungeon's EVIL boss. The dungeon may be serene and mysterious, but you could easily get lost in this sanctuary if you're not careful. You might just end up wandering in circles! Several puzzles here involve weight, so naturally Purple Pikmin will also be important here.

Wildlife Edit

Trivia Edit

An interesting fact: you can reach this dungeon during daytime if you want to take the risk. White Pikmin will be able to sense when you're lingering too close to an invisible ledge. They'll start making scared noises when you approach a deadly fall. Overall, it's probably still safer to get to this dungeon in the evening.


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