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Greasy Jellyfloat
Greasy Jellyfloat
Scientific Name Cephalus Honeyus Sarpian
Family Jellyfloat
Areas Noxious Swamp
Attacks Inhales Pikmin, Inhales captains,

Shoots grease

A rare species of Jellyfloat, which is covered in a thick honey-like grease. This grease makes it slippery and hard to hold, which is why predators do not attack it. It also attracts small creatures, which it can then feed on. This Jellyfloat also has an ability so extraordinary, it has surpassed the evolutionary chain-it emits a strange signal from its antennae, which stops electrical things nearby from functioning.This prevents cameras from taking a picture, or camcorders from making a video. It can also sense if it is being drawn and disappears in a puff of smoke. It is an intelligent creature, and by far the most elusive, and advanced. It lives near the shallow acid pool, in the Noxious Swamp, where it inhales the fumes. According to eye-witnesses, the creature is a brilliant gold, due to its sleek surface catching the sun, with glistening blue antennae and stubby tentacles.


Greater Spotted Jellyfloat

Lesser Spotted Jellyfloat

Pygmy Jellyfloat

Coconut Jellyfloat

--BeatOli 15:51, 14 July 2009 (UTC)

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