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Grey Pikmin
Grey Pikmin.png
Resistance none
Attack below average
Mobility average
Throw average
Carrying Capacity 1

In Other Games[]

Pikmin:Shadow Planet

In Pikmin: Shadow Planet, Grey Pikmin are the 10th and last type of pikmin found. They are magnetic, so they are pulled towards treasure. ( they will stand on whatever side of your squad that is closest to treasure.) They can also dig up treasure, like whites. Unfortunately, they are sometimes pulled towards magnetic objects like certain cannon beetle boulders. They are normal looking pikmin, grey, obviously, and have four 'fingers' instead of three. also they can survive electricity due to their electrical friction and metallic organs. when thrown onto curved pipes which are normally found at the edges of high areas. when thrown they can cling onto the pipe and continue on with their duties. theay can also latch onto metallic enemies like gatling grinks and man- at- legs so if they try to shake them off they donnt leave . theay can also carry 2 bombrocks due to having 4 fingers and not 3 like their other pikmin realitives.