puffmin you idiot[]

If a Puffstool possesses your Pikmin with his spores, let them attack you, and then shake them off in order to get them back. However, if you call your pikmin the exact moment before they become possessed, they will follow you without attacking you! However, if you have any other pikmin with you, they will fight. You cannot throw Toadmin or disband them, but you can move them with the C button to pick up things. Strangely, other Pikmin will not attack the toadmin if they are carrying things, but will actually help them. Once the Toadmin and the Pikmin are done carrying whatever they were carrying back to the onions, the Toadmin will turn back into normal Pikmin again.


This is a highly useful glitch that allows you to alter the type of Pikmin you have (convert reds to yellows, blues to reds, etc.) without using Candypop Buds. This glitch works in both Challenge mode and story mode. In order to do this glitch, have a puffstool (either the one in The Forest Navel in story mode, or one of the two in the Distant spring in challenge mode) transfom the Pikmin you want to alter into Toadmin,and then use the Toadmin Helper Glitch above this one so that they can follow you. Now,take them back to the onions and go to the color onion you want to alter your Pikmin to. Stand under the light of that onion,and it will allow you to put your Toadmin into it, so do so. The Toadmin will crawl up the leg of the onion, and go inside like any other Pikmin. Call them back out,and they be the color Pikmin of that onion, even if they weren't that color before they became Toadmin.