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Ice Pikmin can make bridges of ice and walk over water. They are also the only pikmin to withstand blizzard attacks. They can break open ice blocks that have treasure in them and stuff. Also when their eaten, the enemy freezes for a short period of time.They appear in Pikmin: Global Breakdown and are found at the Valley of Repose.

Ice Pikmin

Ice Pikmin


Ice Pikmin in a cold habitat

These Pikmin seem to be made entirely of solid ice.

In Pikmin Ship they are called Cyan Pikmin. Anything that touches them turns into ice, splashing water on it will give it an ice layer. It is hard to throw because it gets stuck to your hand to easy. It's dimples make it unique to the other Pikmin. Instead of walking in water like Blue Pikmin, they make a bridge of ice over the water to walk on. Throwing a Rock Pikmin is an easy way to smash the bridge if no longer wanted or necessary.And it is made of ice

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