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Juggling Dirigibug
Juggling Dirigibug
Scientific Name Flotillium circusmaximus triplus
Family Dirigibug
Areas N/A
Underground Areas G-Base, Black Hole
Carry Weight 3
Max. Carriers 6 Pikmin
Seed Worth 8 seeds
Attacks Drops bomb rocks

A relative of the Careening Dirigibug. This creature is an older species that has but one large air sac shaped red like a hot air balloon. It has a green body like the Careening Dirigibug, but this one has six arms instead of two. It rapidly spits out bomb-rocks and catches them with its hands, then juggles them around until it sees a target, in which case it will set a few of them off with a correct scratch from its claws. Then, when the bomb is at just the right point, the insect will release it, throwing it accurately at its target where it will likely explode on contact with the ground, or right before it hits the ground sometimes. It can constantly produce and launch these explosives without end, so you'll want to get rid of it for sure! The best idea is to take a full force and charge right at the bug, then throw as many Pikmin onto the bug as you can. Make sure to fall back if it drops its bomb-rocks though. Plan your strategy around whether or not it has any lit bomb-rocks on hand. If you can load enough Pikmin onto its back, the air sac will deflate and the dirigibug will flee on foot/hands. It's harmless at this point, so you can defeat it with ease.

High Risk, High Reward Edit

It's possible to deal enough damage to the insect without popping the air sac by loading on too many Pikmin at once that you will defeat it without deflating the air sac. This makes for a much harder and longer fight. However, the air sac will break apart if you succeed, splattering nectar and various sprays for you to take!


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