These are the types of Pikmin.

Green Canon
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Name Immunities Abilities Color Feature
Red PikminfirestrongRedNose
Yellow Pikminelectricitypickup bombrocksYellowEars
Blue PikminwaterCan rescue drowning pikminBlueGills
White PikminpoisondiggingWhiteRed Eyes
Purple Pikminnonesuper strengthPurpleHair
BulbminOmnimmune, except Squishing, Eating, and ExplosionsnoneWhite/RedBulborb Resemblance
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Name Immunities Abilities Color Feature
Assassin Pikminnonesuper attackBlackHair
Black PikminstickynoneBlackNone
Black Pikmin (Clouded Skies)noneelectromagnetBlackYellow Eyes
Black Pikmin (Pikmin 4)stickycarry multipleBlack???
Black Pikmin (Pikmin Choronicles)nonedark-damagingBlackhorns over eyes
Black Pikmin (Pikmin 3)sporesCan fight Paranormal EnemiesBlackgreen eyebrows
BlikminOmnimmunehunters & hugePurpleOmnifeatured
Bloat Pikminnonesuper super super strength??????
Bomb-Rock Pikminnonecarry bomb-rocks, heavygreentail
Bronze Pikmin (GoldPikPik)??????Bronze / Brown


Brown Pikmin (Pikmin 3)nonediggingBrownclaws
Bulbearminomnimmune, excluding Squishing, Eating, and ExplosionsnoneBlack/RedBulbear Resemblance
Burgendy PikminHot AirnoneBurgundy / light redmouth
Carrier Pikminnonecarry onlygray and bluefive feet and five leaves
Chrome Pikminomnimmune, excluding heatnoneplatinum / grayspikes and nose
Crystal Pikminomnimmune, excluding deathwaveblind enemiestransparentAll
Cyan Pikmincoldnessremove ice & rust metalcyan / light bluemouth
Cyan_Pikmin_(Blue-Eyed)coldnessdiggingcyan / light blueblue eyes
Cyan Pikmin (Pikmin Choronicles)coldness, waterharder to chewcyan / light bluemouth
Gold Pikmin??????Gold / Yellow???
Gold Pikmin(Pikmin Choronicles)acid, poisonsuper strengthGold / Yellowwrinkled skin
Gray Pikmineatingnonegraytails
Gray Pikmin (Pikmin Choronicles)quicksandquicksandGreyno pupils, patterned
Green Pikminacidnonegreennone
Green Pikmin (Pikmin 4)water & electricitynonegreentails & noses
Green Pikmin (zaco concept)noneflyinggreenthree leaves
Grey Pikminnoneturn into Candypop Budsgraphite / greynone
Grey Pikmin (Clouded Skies)quicksand; shallow waterbetter tossingGreymore legs
Ice PikmincoldnessnoneClearmade of ice
Knight Pikminnonearmor???armor
Kryptonite Pikminomnimmuneblind enemiesBurgundy / light red???
Light Blue Pikmincoldnessburrow though icelight bluetail
Onyx Pikminnightnoneblacknone
Orange Pikminexplosionscarry bombrocksorangeblotches
Orange Pikmin (Pikmin 4)projectilesnoneorange???
Orange Pikmin (Pikmin Choronicles)eatingnoneorangespikes
Orange_Pikmin_(Thorny_Demon)eating and fleshy squishingpop jellyfloats in one hit, strongorangespikes
Pink Pikminwindrust though wallspinklong noses & wings
Pink Pikmin (Pikmin Choronicles)explosions, crushingavoids enemies, weakpinkshiny, Roses for flowers
Primordial Pikminswimmingnoneblackglowy patterns
Raposa Pikminnonespeaking???fox-like ears
Silver Pikmin??????Silver / Grey???
Tan Pikminquicksand & sandstormdefusing sand hazardsTanlong, hollow tail
Tan Pikmin (Pikmin 3)muddy waternoneTanRed, feathery, gills
Yellow-green Pikmin????????????

Other pikmin Edit

Girrafe pikmin: Can stretch there neck, are yellow-orange with brown spots.

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