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Luminous Spectralids
Luminous Spectralid
Scientific Name Fenestari prismatus lumonista
Family Flitterbie
Areas Highland Field
Underground Areas N/A
Carry Weight 1
Max. Carriers 1 Pikmin
Seed Worth 100 seeds
Attacks None

The Luminous Spectalid is a rare chance enemy that only appears in one place on a 1/128 chance scale. It looks like a gigantic version of the Unmarked Spectralids decorated with all kinds of unique patterns and every single color. You have to approach it just right by sneaking up and then defeat it. If it gets away, you'll have to go to the trouble of finding it again. If you defeat it while it is petrified, it will give up a wealth of sprays (and tons of nectar, pellets too) but if you defeat it without petrifying it, which is extremely difficult if you don't want it to escape, then it will give up even more of that amount. Its body alone is worth 100 Pikmin seeds, similar to the reward of the Smoky Progg. Don't try to search for it without a guide! Also, note that it doesn't regenerate when defeated, so you have only one chance on the day it appears.


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