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MAL 9000
MAL 9000
Scientific Name Pseudoarachnia navaronia elitus
Family Arachnorb
Areas N/A
Underground Areas Supercomputer Complex
Carry Weight N/A
Attacks Fires explosive projectiles

The MAL 9000 is a highly advanced version of Man-at-Legs fought only on the final floor of the Supercomputer Complex in the Forest Depths. The arena where it is fought is somewhat like where Man-at-Legs was fought in the Subterranean Complex in Pikmin 2, only on a much larger scale, and the whole place is coated with unsettling chrome.

Killing StrategyEdit

The strategy to beating it is similar to the Man-at-Legs, but there is one problem. The plating on this machine will not be damaged by Pikmin attacks. Only the camera eye which opens up can be damaged, so you have to break through the screen to destroy the whole machine. This eye opens up only when the boss is searching for targets to destroy with its triple-blasting gun (you guessed it, three Man-at-Legs guns firing at the same spot) so you'll have to find a way to attack it without getting shot to pieces. And the strength of the firepower is enough to blast away any protective barriers you find, so you'll have to think fast! The trick is similar to fighting the Ranging Bloyster. Perhaps you'll notice that the color of the eye changes from red to blue, depending on which pilot is in control. Have one pilot distract the robot from behind a barrier while the other sneaks up to the side. Keep switching control of pilots so that it does not look for your attacking one. Then aim well and attack with full force to damage the screen. It is surprisingly frail and takes damage very quickly. The second you attack it, the gun will disappear back into the boss's body and the eye will close up. It will walk around for a short time and then attack again. Take it on with the same strategy and the little bit of damage you do each time will turn out to be a lot. When its energy is in the red zone it will go berserk, its eye flashing green. At this point, just take cover and run away from it. It will try to chase you down, and it is pretty fast, but every time it shoots it will lose a little more health until it simply explodes.

Trivia Edit

  • There is a very easy way to beat this seemingly difficult boss. Just stand nearby it with all your Pikmin and attack the eye whenever it opens up. It won't get a shot out until the berserk part, where all you have to do is run away!
  • The MAL 9000 gets its name from MAL which is Man-at-Legs for short, and HAL 9000, the antagonistic computer from the movie "2001: A Space Odyssey."
  • No matter which pilot is in control, the eye will always be red the first time it opens up. Attack it as Louie first to get in more damage than you normally would!