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Zero Two Avatar.gif The After Years
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Mecha Snagret
Mecha Snagret by Paint.jpg
Scientific Name Shiropedes mekanos
Family Snavian
Areas None
Underground Areas Forgotten Factory, Rememberance Ravine
Carry Weight 5
Max. Carriers None Pikmin
Seed Worth None
Attacks Burns Pikmin, Electrocutes Pikmin, Drowns Pikmin, Poisons Pikmin, Asphyxiates Pikmin, Freezes Pikmin, Deflowers Pikmin

The Mecha Snagret is a boss appearing in the game Pikmin:The After Years. The creature has a similar characteristics of a normal Burrowing Snagret. However, it has been fused with mechanical parts. The Mecha Snagret's head now has a high-tech laser system that points out where it's going to shoot, similar to the Man-at-Legs. Its system is controlled by a liquid energy that changes color depending on its attack that it is going to use. The Snagret also has a rust-proof cannon inside its mouth where it expels its attacks.


Depending on the liquid's color, you can find out what attack it's going to use. If its liquid energy is red, it will use a fire attacks. If yellow, it will use electricity. When blue, it will squirt water and when purple, it will expel poisonous gas. When its liquid is black, it will spit out a sticky substance. When its liquid is green, it will spew some radioactive acid that will kill all but Green Pikmin. When it is light blue, it will fire an ice beam. When the liquid is white, it will just give out a loud call that will deflower all but Purple Pikmin.

How to Kill[]

To ensure a low Pikmin loss, you should go in with the type of Pikmin that is resistant to its current attack. To stun the beast, you should throw a Pikmin into its mouth while it is attacking. This will make the attack backfire and go inside the Snagret, slightly damaging it and revealing its power source: a mysterious black crystal on its stomach. The power source can be attacked by any Pikmin, but it will change color so only the corresponding Pikmin can attack it. After a couple more times, the Mecha Snagret will give one last cry and explode, leaving only it's energy crystal and saying "I will be back! And you'll be sorry!"

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