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The Mountain Springs serve as the third area in Pikmin: Sinister Incinerator. The landing site is by the edge of a cliff where you can tilt the camera to ground level to look out across the mountain, seeing large forests and plains of the planet in the distance. From the landing site the paths become similar to the canyon passageways of the Desert Oasis only covered in snow. One passage leads to a clearing with a snowman. Checking behind the snowman leads underground to the Pale Pit of Peril. Another path takes you to a large clearing with a lake. The Fireside Temple is located at one end of the lake. One side of the lake has a series of cliffs that you must navigate with Black Pikmin in order to reach a reservoir where the Blue Pikmin live. You need to explore with your blues around here to find a wall. When the wall is broken, it will let loose a spill of snow which forms a ramp other Pikmin can use to reach the reservoir area. After draining a few of the bodies of water you'll find the Snowstorm Grotto. After you have Green Pikmin as well you can walk through the polluted shore at the area's far end to unplug the spring and wash away the filth so all types of Pikmin can enter the Dark Mountain Cave.

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