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Mr. I is an enemy from Pikmin Wii. He also is an enemy of Mario series.

He is also seen In Pikmin Wars1 The Pikmin Republic As general donitie's aprentes and takes the appearance of a red pikmin in an armored battle suit capable of breaking through any armor or forcefeald!

His personal star fighter looks simuler to a wolfen ecept with the colors WHITE,GREEN, and RED instead of BLACK AND RED!

You first meet Mr.l on planet katarah in the middle of a forest of huge lowers and giant grass.At the time you meet him you are playing as

a yellow pikmin named E.M.P.

The only way to defeat Mr.l is to damage his battle suit by attacking the power sorce(hocotatium111) on his suit's back in a cube shaped engine!

Once his HP reaches 0% The hocotatium in his suit's engine becomes unstable and explodes sending Mr.l flying!

Mr.l's attack patern: Quik spin attack, punch,punch kick, fires tackion blasrers from both wrists,jumps into the air in an attempt to land on and crush you,

fires 3 or 6 missiles depends on how low his HP is,quick spin attackthat lasts for 15 sec.
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