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The most bizarre grub-dog, without a doubt. The Orange Bulbear is a slightly larger Spotty Bulbear with the coloration of an Orange Bulborb, but with red eyes. It lies in wait buried in the ground, and its body is much larger than its exceptionally stubby legs, so when it burrows out of the dirt, it's really a rather easy enemy to deal with because its shape is and size are so strange. Just get behind it and beat on it without a problem. This creature is likely a mutation which won't last long in the harsh ecosystem. After its defeat, the Orange Bulbear will take five minutes to regenerate its health. They are only encountered in the cave Outland Dungeon, which is situated in Dawn Lake

Inspiration Edit

The inspiration behind the unwieldy shape and size of Orange Bulbears originated from the "Heftyhead" enemies in the game MOTHER 3. The only three in the game were encountered in an area of the Outland Dungeon.


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