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Orange Pikmin
Resistance explosions, Earth
Attack 1.5
Mobility average
Throw average
Carrying Capacity 1

Orange Pikmin are the second species of Pikmin met in Pikmin: The Final Time Travel (After Blue Pikmin), and are first found in sublevel 3 of the Cavern of Redemption. Orange Pikmin are orange in appearance and are covered in blotches and have no distinct facial features. They can only be gotten by throwing Pikmin in Sunset glow Candypop Buds.


  • Are immune to explosions.
  • Can carry Bomb-Rocks.
  • Have the same attack as Red Pikmin.


  • they can't be taken above ground if found in a cavern, or at the end of the day, instead they revert to their original colour .e.g. Green->Orange->bulbmin
  • Can't be stored in the Ship or Onions.
  • As Orange pikmin From PR, Resembling Doom stone From SSF.

Pikmin:Wrath of Mr.BEdit

150px-Normal Orangepikmin1

Mario Pikmin!

In Pikmin: Wrath of Mr. B orange pikmin are found in Bath of Mystery. They can also be created if you throw a pikmin into a Blazing Candypop Bud. They are as big as purple pikmin and can pick up and throw bomb rocks. They have a humorous "Mustache" that apparently sends out vibrations that render the bomb rock harmless for a time.

Pikmin: Shadow PlanetEdit

Orange Pikmin are purple sized pikmin that can carry and throw bomb-rocks. They are not immune to explosions and are very loud, they will wake up enemies very easily. They are the 6th Pikmin found and are found in the Great Tower.

Pikworld Edit

in pikworld there the basic pikmin and the first pikmin you get

Pikmin: FROZEN TIME Edit

they look the same as wrath of mr b, but have a red shell

they r immune to explosions and loud sounds

they use a ranged attack, in combat they stay out of attack range of an enemy and then shout at the enemy, they have extremely loud shouts that do 5 attack(50 damage), but do to being so op I made them slower than purples, they can carry bomb rocks, 50 attack when SUPER

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