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This page has to do with the organization of the Taxonomy Project and shows a listing of different Taxa. The cannonity of this page is disputable.

The Taxonomy Project was an effort started by Peanut64 to further classify the myriad creatures of the Pikmin Planet. It is based upon the real-life system developed by Carolus Linnaeus called Binomial Nomenclature. Currently only canon creatures are classified, but this may change to include fanon ones as well. All classification above Family are conjecture by the various editors here.


The Canon enemies of Pikmin 1 and 2 will be divided into a simplified version of the groups:


Five kingdoms will be used, Animalia, Plantae, Fungi, and Therobotania. Some exceptions can be made with things such as the Goolix.


The Phylum is the next smaller division. Phylums should be quite general. More than one family should be found in most phylums.


The class is a major division, and should be less generalized. Most classes should have more than one family.


Orders are generally used as an extra spot to sort out major differences. Listing an order is not required.


The family is already listed, so this is easy.


This is another easy thing, because the Genus is just the first word in the Scientific Name of each animal.


The species itself is the second word of the scientific name, but is completely unique for all animals, with the exception of the three Spotty Bulborbs, and does not usually need to be listed.


The Species, Family and Genus are considered "Canon" and are classified already by Olimar. All we have to do is list the Enemy into these categories. The Order is not required. The Kingdom, Phylum, and Class are all going to be considered "Fanon". A template exists for this project, and is to be placed directly under the Enemy Infobox.

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The lists and categories at the provided page can help with navigation through the ever-growing circle of life's categories. -Taxa lists

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