This is used to refer to the in-game list of enemies in Pikmin 2.

Piklopedia #NameScientific NameFamilyWeightTreasure value (Pokos)Seeds produced
01Red Bulborb Grub-dog family
02Hairy Bulborb Grub-dog family
03Orange Bulborb Grub-dog family
04Dwarf Red Bulborb Breadbug family
05Snow Bulborb Breadbug family
06Dwarf Orange Bulborb Breadbug family
07Spotty Bulbear Grub-dog family
08Dwarf Bulbear Grub-dog family
09Bulborb Larva Grub-dog family
10Fiery Bulblax Grub-dog family
11Water Dumple Grub-dog family
12Bulbmin Pikmin family
13Fiery Blowhog Blowhog family
14Watery Blowhog Blowhog family
15Armored Cannon Beetle Larva Lithopod family
16Decorated Cannon Beetle Lithopod family
17Puffy Blowhog Blowhog family
18Withering Blowhog Blowhog family
19Gatling Groink Unknown family
20Iridescent Glint Beetle Flint Bug family
21Iridescent Flint Beetle Flint Bug family
22Doodlebug Flint Bug family
23Female Sheargrub Mandiblard family
24Male Sheargrub Mandiblard family
25Shearwig Mandiblard family
26Cloaking Burrow-nit Burrow-nit family
30Hermit Crawmad Crawmad family
37Fiery Dweevil Dweevil family
38Anode Dweevil Dweevil family
39Caustic Dweevil Dweevil family
40Munge Dweevil Dweevil family
41Volatile Dweevil Dweevil family
57Breadbug Breadbug family
70Empress Bulblax Grub-dog family
71Burrowing Snagret Snavian family
72Beady Long Legs Arachnorb family
73Emperor Bulblax Grub-dog family
74Giant Breadbug Breadbug family
75Pileated Snagret Snavian family
76Man-at-Legs Arachnorb family
79Segmented Crawbster Creep-Crab family
80Raging Long Legs Arachnorb family
81Titan Dweevil Dweevil family
27Ravenous Whiskerpillar Whiskerpillar family
53Skitter Leaf Skitterling family
47Crimson Candypop Bud Candypop Bud family
48Golden Candypop Bud Candypop Bud family
46Lapis Lazuli Candypop Bud Candypop Bud family
49Violet Candypop Bud Candypop Bud family
50Ivory Candypop Bud Candypop Bud family
51Queen Candypop Bud Candypop Bud family
33Careening Dirigibug Dirigibug family
31Swooping Snitchbug Scarpanid family
32Bumbling Snitchbug Scarpanid family
34Antenna Beetle Kettlebug family
28Anode Beetle Scarab Beetle family
35Lesser Spotted Jellyfloat Jellyfloat family
36Greater Spotted Jellyfloat Jellyfloat family
42Toady Bloyster Mollusking family
77Ranging Bloyster Mollusking family
45Wogpole Amphituber family
43Yellow Wollywog Amphituber family
44Wollywog Amphituber family
52Creeping Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum family
54Unmarked Spectralids Flitterbie family
55Honeywisp Honeywisp family
29Mitite Unknown family
56Mamuta Unknown family
78Waterwraith Unknown family
58Pellet Posy Pellet Weed family
59Common Glowcap Glowcap family
66Glowstem Glowcap family
60Clover Clover family
61Figwort Figwort family
62Dandelion Dandelion family
63Seeding Dandelion Dandelion family
64Horsetail Horsetail family
65Foxtail Foxtail family
67Margaret Chrysanthemum family
68Fiddlehead Fern family

Unknown family

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New CarrotsEdit

Pikpik carrots now have all pikmin colors. If used in a pikmin type's piklopedia entry, pikmin-colored pikpik carrots work as 5-pellets and regular ones always produce one. There are also new sizes and chances of throwing seeds of a pikmin type that you've descovered or a pellet posy seed that works like the ones in the store. There are four sizes: regular (weighs 1, eaten as fast as a pikmin, pikmin-color=5 pellet), large (weighs 5, eaten 3/4 as fast as pikmin, pikmin-color=10 pellet), extra large (weighs 10, eaten ½ as fast as pikmin, pikmin-color=20 pellet), and giga (weighs 20, eaten ¼ as fast as pikmin, pikmin-colored=50 pellet). Golden ones rarely appear and come in all sizes. They are worth 100 × weight in seeds. There's an 80% chance of throwing a pellet posy seed in its piklopedia entry because at first there are none.

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