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Nuvola warning.png Pikmin:The Big Trip
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Pikmin: The Big Trip

Pikmin3 captbulbie.jpg

Capt. Bulbie
Nintendo Wii
Release Date
ESRB Rating
E for Everyone

Pikmin: The Big Trip, also called Pikmin 3 is the first game in the series called: Pikmin: Mysterious Creatures.


Capitan Olimar and Louie, two big friends that live in Hococate, decide to go on a vacation together into space. However on a part of their trip, their ship, The S.S. Dolphin, gets hit by a mysterious comet, and burns into the atmosphere of an unknown platet, losing its 30 parts. Now, Capitan Olimar and Louie must venture inside this strange planet and recollet all 30 parts, and maybe get some treasure along the way...

Pikmin Types[]

Red Pikmin

Yellow Pikmin

Blue Pikmin

Purple Pikmin

White Pikmin

Green Pikmin

Cyan Pikmin

Tan Pikmin

Game Areas[]

There are 5 areas and 25 dungeons

Giant Volcano

  • Fire Room
  • Volcano Entrance
  • Lava Lobby
  • Rocky Inn
  • Lava Pool
  • Eruption Spa

Acid Factory

  • Production Room
  • Toxic Room
  • Acid Keeper
  • Chemichal Room
  • Distribution Room
  • Experiments Room

Winter Wonderworld

  • Snow Cabin
  • Snowman's Bell
  • Avalanche Mountain
  • Freezer Keeper
  • Ice Cube Bridge
  • Freezed Lake

Deserted Land

  • Quicksand Pit
  • The Oasis
  • Cactus Road
  • Dry Woods
  • Allucination Desert
  • Sandy Hut

Heaven Path

  • The Final Challenge

Game Modes[]

Story Mode - The Main Mode

Challenge Mode - Kill all the enemies you can by only using Capitan Olimar in the allowed time

Colloseum Mode (Unlocked after finishing the game) - Kill all the emmies in the stage to go to the next one. There are 100 stages. Can you pass them all without getting extinction?