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This game is when Captain Olimar and Louie once again visit the Planet of the Pikmin but the ship hits a tree and they fall out and need to survive till they find the S.S. Dolphin. It was released for the Wii U on November 18, 2012 and on the Nintendo Switch on March 4, 2017.

Pikmin: 100 Days Without A Ship
Rating E
Genre Adventure
Platform(s) Wii U, NX
Media HD
Publisher Pikmin Fanon inc.
Release Dates ???
Creator A Wikia Conbruiter.


  1. Arbor plains
  2. Aqua beach
  3. Swirly desert
  4. Haunted creek
  5. Tangled Tundra
  6. Sticky Swamp
  7. Playhouse
  8. Submerged Pond
  9. Volcano Plateau
  10. The Rustyard
  11. Quiet Riverbank
  12. Final Wild


  1. Red Pikmin - Arbor plains
  2. Yellow pikmin and winged pikmin - Aqua beach
  3. Sand pikmin and blue pikmin - Swirly desert
  4. Pumpkin pikmin - Haunted creek
  5. Teeth Pikmin - Tangled Tundra
  6. Black, Green, and Purple Pikmin - Sticky Swamp
  7. White and Rock, - Playhouse


Instant spawn White Pikmin[]

Go in the Piklopedia and go to Ivory Candypop Bud, if a Pikpik carrot is thrown in the center, the Ivory Candypop Bud will turn into a White Pikmin and will be seen with every enemy until the pikmin dies.


Strange Noise[]

If 30 Yellow Pikmin are swarming a Spotty Bulbear in Challenge Mode, and if you pause the game when the spotty bulbear screams when death occurs to the bulbear, a strange noise is heard every time the game is paused in the level. The noise sounds like a low pitched chicken mixed with the noise heard when using Ultra-bitter Spray and the slide whistle noise when a Gatling Groink's motar shells are falling.

Underground Pikmin[]

Fuchsia Pikmin

Maroon Pikmin


Almond Pikmin

Peach Pikmin

Periwinkle Pikmin

Cloud Pikmin