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Pikmin: Dark Shadow is a Pikmin game produced by Peanut64 and for the Wii console. It uses the cursor and wii motion controls heavily, and also is rated E 10+ for scary images and sci-fi violence. It has no relation at all to the other Pikmin games on this site. It's idea is around a form of Darkness that tries to take over the land. The game's events take place in a land similar to the Pikmin World. Pikmin are present here, and there are a wealth of Jellyfloat. The game's genres are RPG, Action-Adventure, 3-D platformer and third person shooter. The game itself has its own style, having no game engine like it at all. You assume control of Olimar as the main character, and there are many NPCs. In fact, Olimar and the Pikmin are the only player characters. Although Olimar has different forms (explained later) the Pikmin all are from Pikmin 2.


<Start Transmission> "Hi! My name's Captain Olimar. What am I captain of you ask? Well, its a big-time freighting company based on my homeworld, Hocotate. I also discovered a beautiful planet far away from my home with miniscule plant-animal hybrids thriving. But that's another story. This story has those very plant-animals, Pikmin by the way, on the planet I am on. It's not the Distant Planet, its some other one. But, anyways, I discovered something big here, and I think it'll change Hocotate Freight's very fate... Wait... No! No.... NOOO---" <End Transmission>
-Olimar to Hocotate on a Comm-Link.

Sometime in his career, Olimar was assigned to go to an uncharted world by President. President thought that there were some treasure at that planet because his Treasure Seeker Probes picked up a large amount of Mineral and Gamma radiation coming from Sector 9-B Landi System, Third planet from its star. So Olimar was on his way to the planet until he picked up a meteor on his scope. He was shocked and took evasive action. He managed to dodge the meteor but went off course accidentally to the fourth planet in the Landi system. The gravitational pull of that planet was too strong and his ship was forced to land on it...

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