Pikmin: Return to Planet Pikmin (Pikmin 5: Planet Pikpik Challenge in Japan) is an adventure,RPG,and racing game (sorta). This game is for Wii and DS. This game is made by bitches

Playable CharactersEdit

If you choose Olimar's Son or President of Hocotate Freight, you can name your person


  • Captain Olimar
  • Olimar's Son
  • Captain Louie
  • Princess Isabelle
  • President of Hocotate Freight


The pikmin are in order of how you find them

  • Red (can burn enemies)
  • Blue (can go into water)
  • Purple (heavier, hurts enemies more)
  • Yellow (can shock enemies and can carry bomb-rocks)
  • White (can poison them, and be shot further than other pikmin)
  • Invisible (can turn invisible, when it isn't, it is grey)
  • Aqua(can fly, go in water,and poison enemies)
  • Brown (can dig, to attack it throws rocks at the enemies)


These areas require a certain Pikmin with you to be able to get there. All the areas from the other 2 real games are there too. You have to have 100 Pikmin to visit them (except for Impact Site)

  • Impact Site -Requirements:None
  • Forest of Happiness -Requirements: 30 Red Pikmin
  • The Water Forest -Requirements: 10 Blue Pikmin and 50 Red Pikmin
  • Sand Acid Beach -Requirements: 21 Blue Pikmin
  • Grape Grape Jungle -Requirements: Have 3 Purple Pikmin by Day 12
  • Bomb Rock Haven -Requirements: 15 Yellow Pikmin
  • Poison Pearls -Requirements: 10 Purple Pikmin, 85 Yellow Pikmin, 3 Blue Pikmin, and 2 Red Pikmin
  • electric beach-Requirements:78 yellow pikmin,72 red pikmin,and 55 blue pikmin
  • Deep Toxic Space -Requirements: 14 of each pikmin
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