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Olimar's son is in need of otherworldly treasures to get the Space Explorer Merit Badge in his Boy Scouts Troop. You also need 2,500 Pokos to buy them a new house on the Pikmin Planet, where the whole family will move in along with a colony of Hocotatians in a year. You can play as Olimar or Olimar's Son, and eventually his wife and daughter. You choose weather to use treasures to words your son's 750 merit goal, or to use them to sell for pokos.


Red Pikmin One of the classics. This pikmin has a strong attack and can resist fire.

Yellow Pikmin Another Classic. These ones can go far when thrown, and can resist electrical currents. They can hold bomb-rocks again!!!

'Blue Pikmin Once Again, a Classic. These ones are can breathe water, and don't drown when you take them through it.

White Pikmin A Pikmin 2 favorite. These can see treasures buried underground, and can breathe gas.

Purple Pikmin Another Pikmin 2 Favorite. These pikmin stun enemies when thrown on them, and can lift 10 time more weight than a normal Pikmin.

Green Pikmin These new pikmin can sing when they are idle, and make the grass grow into nectar. If you leave the nectar there overnnight, it will harden into a green pellet (1), which is the only way to breed these pikmin. They also slowly drain water, but eventually suck up enough water to explode.

Silver Pikmin Another New pikmin, these ones can resist cold temperatures, and can get a grip on solid Ice.

Black Pikmin A new Pikmin that can bury themselves underground when they are about to be eaten, and uproot themselves after the threat has past. They can also dig tunnels so that Olimar and the pikmin can safely reach a certain spot.

Sky Blue Pikmin This new pikmin can actually fly, and have a webbing like wings in between their arms and legs. Olimar can use 4 of these to fly to any spot on the map, and each Sky Blue Pikmin can carry one pikmin.

Assassin Pikmin This mysterious pikmin appears if you leave a black pikmin buried in the ground by the only above ground shady candypop bud for five days. Then, go and find it. It will challenge you to a race. If you make it through the obstacle course and his the buzzer before him, he will join you. You can only have one at a time, and he is the only pikmin that can use sniping posts, and has a different way to kill every enemy.


3x3 SeriesEdit

#Name Pokos Merit WeightMax
1Symbol of Honor50201535
2Merit of Hatred5051535
3Patch of Wonder50251535
4Emblem of Happiness75501535
5Artist's Treasure100501535
6Sleepy Quilt1001001535

Tips: Use these for you sons merit goal.

5x5 SeriesEdit

#Name Pokos Merit WeightMax
7Overgrowth Quilt1001003060
8Penta-Wide Blanket1001003060
9Love Merit1001003060
10Artist's Dream1001003060
11Doodlebug's mat50503060
12Bulblax's Meal501003060
13Somewhat Clean Notebook2002003060

Natural Decor SeriesEdit

#Name Pokos Merit WeightMax
14Wonder Leaf101011
15Poisoned Ivy501020100
16Pikmin Petal101012
17Orange Leaf5511
18Red Leaf5511
19Nut of Truth5010520

Lethal Weapon SeriesEdit

#Name Pokos Merit WeightMax
20Poison Grenade20002050
21Steel Flower20001030
22Shock Plug20002040
23Aqua Cannon20003060
24Dry Ice2000310

Helper's SeriesEdit

#Name Pokos Merit WeightMax
26Solar Lamp2001002030
28Mega Phone2001005020
29Onion Summon500504590
30Steel Suit500203050
31Shock Suit500503050
33Flame Guard500503050
34Onion Detector5006050100
35tune changer600202050
37beating apparatus1000010001000

Boss SeriesEdit

#Name Pokos Merit WeightMax
38Stone Roller20050100100
41Light bulb20060510
42Salted Crispy Potatoes200548
44Treasure Detector200503050
45Portable Timeline200502030
46Music Maker2001003035
47Ink writing Utensil20010024
48Graphite writing Utensil20010024
49Helium Tank200100100100
50Moving Picture20010060100
51Pages of Knowledge20010010001000
52Music Phones20020033

Award SeriesEdit

#Name Pokos Merit WeightMax
54100 Pokos Certificate10005100
55Foreign Certificate200205100
56Certificate of Life200305100
57Certificate to Operate100202100
58Certificate to Own100205100
59Driver's License100100525
60Scientific Certificate1005000
61Certificate of the Mayor1000100000

Medal Series Edit

#Name Pokos Merit WeightMax
62Titan Dweevil Medal101000
63Giant Bulborb Medal101000
64Giant Breadbug Medal101000
65Assassin Pikmin Medal101000
66Giant Fuzzy medal101000
67Black Fuzzy Medal101000
68Giant Metal medal101000
69Cardboard Medal101000
70Golden Medal101000

Power Series Edit

#Name Pokos Merit WeightMax
71Solar Cell50020050100
72Fossil Furnace2505075100
73Fuel Reservoir50002030100
74Electric Rod300010010001000

Essentials of Life Series Edit

#Name Pokos Merit WeightMax
75Oxygen Filter1002050100
76Ozone Filter1002050100
77UV Shield1002050100
78Interstellar Radio1002050100
79Gardener's Buddy20020050100
80Gardener's Friend50020075100

Fruits of labor Series Edit

#Name Pokos Merit WeightMax
81Killer Seed Fruit50502035
82President's Head Replica1001201030
83Red Giant100302030

Enemies Edit

Bulborb EvolutionEdit

Bulborb: As far as we know, the basis of the evolution.

Bulbear: Evolved Rough Lips to catch and hold prey.

Water Dumple: Eventually, bulborbs living in water evolved to better suit their environment.

Bulbmin: Probably a family or two of Bulborbs that were infected by Pikmin, and have breed to keep a species alive.


#Name PokosSeeds Assassin Pikmin (ground) Assassin Pikmin (post) Family
1Red Bulborb310DaggerNinja StarsGrub-dog
2Hairy Bulborb310DaggerBoomerangGrub-dog
3Orange Bulborb310Poison SeedSlingshotGrub-dog
4Blue Bulborb310Stun SlamNinja StarsGrub-dog
5Green Bulborb310DaggerNinja StarsGrub-dog
6Spotty Bulbear410Stun SlamSlingshotGrub-dog
7Dwarf Bulbear33Double DaggerSlingshot w/ Ninja StarsGrub-dog
8Red Bulbear410Double Dagger Poison Seed SlingshotGrub-dog
9Orange Bulbear510Stun Slam w/ Dagger BoomerangGrub-dog
10Fiery Bulblax1010Poison SeedNinja StarsGrub-dog
11Watery Bulblax1010Poison Seed Sling Shot w/poison seedGrub-dog
12Bulborb Larva12Stun slamShotgun Slingshot(Kills Multiple)Grub-dog
13Orange Bulborb Larva33Poison SeedShotgun Slingshot (Kills Multiple)Grub-dog
14Bulbear Larva33Stun Slam Shotgun Slingshot (Kills Multiple)Grub-dog
15Water Dumple25Stun Slam Boomerang Grub-dog
16Emperor Bulblax1025Poison FangSniper RifleGrub-dog
17Empress Bulblax1525Poison FangSniper RifleGrub-dog


#Name PokosSeeds Assassin Pikmin (ground) Assassin Pikmin (post) Family
18Dwarf Red Bulborb13 DaggerNinja StarsBreadbug
19Snow Bulborb13Stun SlamNinja StarsBreadbug
20Dwarf Orange Bulborb13Dagger Ninja StarsBreadbug
21Dwarf Blue Bulborb13Stun Slam SlingshotBreadbug
22Dwarf Green Bulborb13Dagger BoomerangBreadbug
23Dwarf Red Bulbear13Poison Seed Ninja StarsBreadbug
24Dwarf Orange Bulbear13Poison Seed Slingshot W/ Poison SeedBreadbug
25Dwarf Fiery Bulblax13Stun SlamSlingshot W/ DaggerBreadbug
26Dwarf Watery Bulblax13SwordBoomerangBreadbug
27Breadbug320Elongated Sword Cannon Breadbug
27Giant Breadbug350Poison FangCannon Breadbug
28Super-Massive Breadbug50100Super Stun Smash w/ double SwordsSniper CannonBreadbug


#Name PokosSeeds Assassin Pikmin (ground) Assassin Pikmin (post) Family
29Anode Dweevil15Poison FangSlingshot Dweevil
30Caustic Dweevil15Poison FangNinja Stars Dweevil
31Fiery Dweevil15Poison FangBoomerangDweevil
32Munge Dweevil15Super SlamBoomerangDweevil
33Volatile Dweevil15Super SlamNinja StarsDweevil
34Acidic Dweevil15Super slamNinja StarsDweevil
35Titan Dweevil100100Comedy BombSniper Cannon Dweevil
36Goliath Dweevil200300Comedy BombSuper Sniper Cannon Dweevil


#Name PokosSeeds Assassin Pikmin (ground) Assassin Pikmin (post) Family
37Beady Long Legs2050 Super SlamCannonArachnorb
38Man-at-Legs3050Super Slam w/swordCannon Arachnorb
39Raging Long Legs2050Slam w/Double Dagger CannonArachnorb
39Titan Long Legs100200Slice Swipe w/ Sword Sniper Cannon Arachnorb


#Name PokosSeeds Assassin Pikmin (ground) Assassin Pikmin (post) Family
40Pearly Clamclamp5050NoneSling shotUnknown
41Gatling Groink1020Super SlamNinja StarsUnknown
42Goolix2050Poison SeedNinja StarsUnknown
43Mamuta1010Super SlashNinja StarsUnknown
44Mitite1010SmashShotgun SlingshotUnknown
46Smoky Progg100100Comedy Bomb Sling shotUnknown
47Waterwraith30100Flame of Tomorrow Shotgun Slingshot Unknown

Pikmin Edit

#Name PokosSeeds Assassin Pikmin (ground) Assassin Pikmin (post) Family
48Bulbmin35Poison SlashNinja Stars Pikmin
49Assassin Pikmin00nonenonePikmin
50Green Pikmin00nonenonePikmin
51Blue Pikmin00nonenonePikmin
52Red Pikmin00nonenonePikmin
53Yellow Pikmin00nonenonePikmin
54White Pikmin00nonenonepikmin
55Purple Pikmin00nonenonePikmin
56Silver Pikmin00nonenonePikmin
57Black Pikmin00nonenonePikmin
58Sky Blue Pikmin00nonenonePikmin
59Mushroom Pikmin00smashNinja StarsPikmin

Real World Animals Edit

#Name PokosSeeds Assassin Pikmin (ground) Assassin Pikmin (post) Family
60Four-Legged Monstrosity (Dog)00Too CuteToo Cute Real World Animals
61Giant Bushy-Tailed Nut-Devouring Furry Critter (Squirrel)00Too CuteToo CuteReal World Animals
32Miniature Four-Legged Monstrosity(Kitten)00Too CuteToo CuteReal World Animals

You can't actually Kill these beasts, and the run away when their health bar reaches zero. Also, the Dog wants to defend its territory, the kitten wants to play, and the squirrel thinks pikmin are nuts.

Areas/Dungeon Names Edit

Fake Forest Edit

This is like an abandoned New York City, and in the pool by Submerged City, you can find the only Watery Bulborb in the game. You find the Red Pikmin and the Yellow Pikmin Here, but you need the blue pikmin to get the Yellows.

Bulborb Nests Edit

This area is like the Forest Navel, and is very cave like and dark. There are tons of bulborbs here, and there is even an Empress Bulborb Nest. You find the Blue Pikmin Here, just like in Pikmin 1. You also find the Black Pikmin.

Forest of Riches Edit

This is the only place where you can find the assassin Pikmin, and the Sky-blue Pikmin as well.

Memory Ravine Edit

You find the Silver, Purple, and White Pikmin Here.

Final Forest Edit

This is the final area. You can pretty much only do caves here, as there are few enemies, and no Pellet. You can find the Green Pikmin Here.

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