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This article contains information that relates to the upcoming non-canon game Pikmin: Ultimate Doom which is a joint project from Peanut64 , Portal-Kombat , and Sir Pikmin , all are users on this Wikia.
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This is the conclusion to the Buildup Trilogy. It was supposed to come out in Japan in early 2009 and America late 2009 but the game is going to be late because PR and PGB aren't done as of June 24, 2009. Nothing is known about this game but that Peanut64 will unleash his epic plot after the buildup trilogy is complete. (PR, PSI and PGB) The second planned release date is after 2010, as confirmed by Peanut64. The Trilogy is releasing a three-in-one pack prior to the release of Pikmin: Ultimate Doom containing PSI, PR and PGB with only one disk, and cutscenes between the games explaining the transitions better, giving the user a better understanding to the Ultimate Doom.

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There was a demo released that showed Olimar battling some type of mechanical long-legs that produces walking mines with Green Pikmin and some Tan Pikmin. It only showed ten seconds though. It was revealed that all Pikmin in the buildup trilogy are going to be playable.