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Pikmin Wars Has 3 ages so far, and is approaching a Fourth


CANON TIME:OLIMARS FIRST LANDING This Age established the basics of Pikmin Wars. Starting with the Troop Count Used by Wildlife. To be finished later on Small groups of wild creatures started their own little organizations with the intent on taking over the planet and crushing armies. They mined resources, made war machines and weapons, and attracted more troops. They had a limit, though, to how big the army could grow. The tougher wildlife didn't seem as interested as the lesser ones. They split into groups because of this. The though would refuse to stay with the weak outside time of war.


CANON TIME: about 100 years after Olimars second departure(debatable) This age Included the class system, giving you the option to be wildlife or Hoctitian. To be finished later on. The groups of the barbaric uprising disbanded and went their separate ways. After awhile strange beings came. They called themselves "Hocotatians". They started the official industrial revolution of the planet. The invaders inspired the former groups to re-join together with the same intent. One group in particular, the "planet Protecters", did not have their mind set on conquering the world, but instead they wanted to protect it and ward off the invaders. A few armies got the nerve to attack them, but were not very successful. They Protectors made several successful attacks against the Hocs and seemed to crush anyone who got in their way. With most wildlife's in their "own little worlds" and attacking, each other, the final show down comes. The Flaming Warriors are launching a full out-assault on the Protector's, which many agree, will decide the winner of the second version.