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Old, outdated screenshot of PikSpore

PikSpore is an encounters new Pikmin and creatures, he finds the source of this signal...

PikSpore Chronicles takes place before PikSpore, showing what the Pikmin were doing while Olimar was back home on Hosue living his life. The Pikmin had built a civilization, but Olimar would never know that, as something happened directly between the two games.


Altitude SpringsEdit

Volcanic WastesEdit

Cliffside MeadowEdit

Frigid MountainEdit

Foghorn WetlandsEdit

The Great DesertEdit

  • Tati Here Run
  • Tati School
  • Tati Cave
  • Tati Castle

Darkness PlateauEdit

Chronicles AreasEdit


Enemy SpeciesEdit

See Pikspore/ Enemies


See Pikspore/ Captain Upgrades


PikSpore offers several different gameplay modes.

Easy ModeEdit

Enemies have less health and are slower, the Pluckaphone upgrade is available from the start, Pikmin seeds become flowers faster, days are longer and captains are immune to damage. The final level is inaccessible, however. Certain enemies do not appear, as well.

Hard ModeEdit

The gameplay is similar to the first Pikmin game, only without the time limit. Days are shorter, and many upgrades do not exist. Pikmin take longer to respond to the whistle, and the enemies are faster with more health. Nectar is much rarer as well, there are more enemies, and there are no sprays. Swarming is the most effective tactic, unlike easy and normal modes. You automatically get the good ending for completing this.

Classic ChallengeEdit

The goal is to grow as many Pikmin as you can in one day. Enemy sets are customizable, and you can start in any of the difficulty settings. For example, instead of Brown Bulborbs in Altitude Springs, you could use a stronger or weaker enemy in its place.

Key ChallengeEdit

The goal is to find the key and bring it back to the Research Pod within a set time limit and Pikmin amount. You can start in one of the official area's caves, or go through new ones. Completing a level without losing Pikmin gets you a Pink Flower Bonus.

Treasure ChallengeEdit

The goal is similar to Key Challenge, except you have to get all the treasure in the cave. The hole to the next sublevel will not open until you get all the treasure in that sublevel. Note that there is no time limit, unlike Key Challenge. You can start in any of the difficulty settings. You can start in one of the official area's caves, or go through new ones.

Boss RunEdit

A simple mode unlocked when you complete the game, the goal is to beat all the bosses in the game. You start with 15 of each Pikmin type, except for Purple Pikmin, you get 10 of those, totaling your Pikmin count to 115. (the 100 pikmin limit is disabled in the boss run!) Try to save as many Pikmin as possible, because you won't get any more. Following this sublevel are several more, each containing one of the game's bosses.

Cave CreatorEdit

You unlock this when you complete the game. You get to build your own cave levels and share them with other people.

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