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Pit of 100 trials(P3:TDR)
Location true arena
Sublevels 100
Treasures 4
Hazards all

The Pit of 100 Trials is an optional cave but you need to do it in order get 110%. Oddly it only has four treasures, one on floor 4, one on floor 50, one on 99 and one on 100.

Floor 1[]

This floor is fairly easy, only an Orange Bulborb and some Skitter Leaves block your progress.

Floor 2[]

also a bit easy just 2 dwarf blue bulborbs and a Blue Bulborb. but be warned as there is tons of water.

Floor 3[]

This floor is covered in margrets, but 3 of them are creeping crynanthysums.Be careful when picking them out.

Floor 4[]

Here you find a Bulbmin flower. Nearby are some Snagrets. One of the snagrets pops up from the hole. After this, You get the Sticky Roll which is really just some tape.

Floor 5[]

This sublevel is a big barren circle with one Man-at-Legs. Well... that is what you think, when ONE pikmin hits it, 3 Beady Long Legs, and 2 Raging Long Legs fall. But they drop Mitites, the RLL drops 30, the BLL drops 15, and the MAL drops only 2. But the hole is locked until you kill them all and then a key falls, and dissolves unlocking the hole to the next sublevel

Floor 6[]

A Segmented Crawbster, 5 Waterwraiths, 3 Gatling Groinks, a Emperor Bulblax, and 5 Withering Blowhogs lurk in a big maze like sublevel with electrodes.

Floor 7[]

5 Spotty Bulbears, and a Empress Bulblax producing Bulborb Larva appear, as well as many poison pipes and Bomb-Rocks falling from the sky. And this is on a high platform.

Floor 8[]

A remake of floor 2 of Shower Room, But now it has half of the area of where Gyroid Bust is found in Bulblax Kingdom and 20 Ranging Bloysters are in here only two appear at once, however.

Floor 9[]

It is a long rusted pipe. Be careful even if there are no enemies, as you run, Bomb-Rocks fall until you reach the next hole.

Floor 10[]

This is a large circle with a Fire Geyser in the middle. 2 Dwarf Bulborbs fall, then, a Orange Bulborb falls. After this, the cave entrance opens.

Floor 11[]

A LARGE metallic Tower is the only thing here, many enemies, pits that need bridges to be build over, fire geysers, poison pipes, bomb-rocks, and at the end, you must get to the top before the tower collaspes.

Floor 12[]

The floor is made of igneous rock, it is large with many Fiery and Caustic Dweevils, but here is the twist, YOUR IN A MAZE MADE OF INDISTRUCLIBLE ELECTRIC WIRES! And you won't be immune to it.

Floor 13[]

18 Greater Spotted Jellyfloats, 12 Lesser Spotted Jellyfloats, 3 Hermit Crawmads, 4 Creeping Chrysanthemums, and a Raging Long Legs are in this large garden that is almost completely submerged in boiling water.

Floor 14[]

Wonder why the water was boiling? Because this sublevel is filled with lava!

Floor 15[]

Three Man-at-Legs, and there on towers, they never move off them and are always active, also, near the exit, there are two spike walls moving!

Floor 16[]

A raft that goes through a volcanic lake passing by Dweevils and boulders.

Floor 17[]

A garden like room that is a maze, out of reach Armored Cannon Beetle Larva will shoot at your Pikmin, at the end, there is a giant stone that must be blown up by a Volatile Dweevil.

Floor 18[]

A large labyrinth made of coarse dirt, featuring crystallines and fossils, it's empty and bland, until you reach the end, the hole closes up and boulders start dropping from the ceiling, you must get back to the start or you'll become a pancake!

Floor 19[]

This sublevel is a tile and sandy one, be wary, most of it is a giant tub that periodically fills up with poisonous water, Blue Pikmin get poisoned and White Pikmin drown in this sublevel, but two Yellow Wollywogs, two Blue Bulborbs and a single Toady Bloyster seem to not mind, and the flooding is telegraphed by some cracks on the wall leaking, the tub also has some Fire Geysers that erupt when the tub drains.

Once you get to the other end, SUPRISE RAGING LONG LEGS AND BUMBLING SNITCHBUG!!! You must fight them to move on.

Floor 20[]

This is a metallic sublevel, with various rusted yet moving cogs in the background, two giant pipes flood the sublevel in poison sludge, within 15 minutes, the sludge will get higher than your platform and begin flooding it, the stuff is a 1 hit kill to both Pikmin and captains, and the platform spins around.

Two Anode Dweevils fall, followed by a Fiery Bulblax, the final dropping creatures are 3 Spotty Bulbears, now just destroy a rock over the newly formed hole and escape.

Floor 21[]

This sublevel is a soil sublevel with a large tree stump in the middle where you land that is in water, there are four pathways, each one leading to a mini-boss.

  • The north-west path has boulders bombard the player, alongside a lone fire geyser, the boss is a Segmented Crawbster
  • The north-east path can only be accesed if some of the captains and their Pikmin stand on an elevator block and another in the southern area is weighted down. It has some water and a Puffy Blowhog to push you back. The boss is a Pileated Snagret
  • The south-east path has various electric wires, and a climbing stick so your pikmin can reach a button that lowers a wall, the boss is a large Emperor Bulblax with some poisonous pipes.
  • The south-west path is guarded by Saphire beetles and Frosty Dweevils, followed by an electric wall. The boss is a Beady Long Legs surrounded by fire geysers.

Once a boss is defeated, it drops an orb that can be placed in some holes of the tree, when all orbs are in, the tree will rise up, and all the water will empty out through the hole to the next sublevel that is now available.

Floor 22[]

A Frontier Cavern snow and brick wall sublevel. Three Careening Dirigibugs occupy small chambers, and a Gatling Groink roams the land. Common Glowcaps litter the place, though it is advised to not brush against them, as they can summon Mitites, Bomb-Rocks, and even a Waterwraith on very rare occasions. A Reinforced Wall blocks the hole, and can only be destroyed by, believe it or not, small bomb-rocks that can be carried. This is why you should especially avoid those Glowcaps.

Floor 23[]

This floor isnt too hard, is it? its a titan dweevil with only the Comedy Bomb, is it? Wrong. As soon as you break the comedy bomb, 15 Purple Pikmin will fall from the sky, and a pathway opened up. 10 seconds after the pathway opened up 5 Waterwraith's COME PUMMELING DOWN THE PATHWAY. After the Waterwraith's come 30 more purples fall down to aid you in battle, even if you have 100 pikmin already. however, it wouldn't be fair for the next floors as they could use the purples to come down, so the purples cannot leave the floor with you, and when you take the treasures they float back up to the roof, though the waterwraith's should be easy peasy when you have those purples.

Also little secret for the floor if you actually go in the passage the waterwraith's came from, eggs will come pummeling down until you leave, probably knowing you lost pikmin too, theres 3 Queen Candypop Buds there for you as well, throw them in the candypop buds first however, you want your new pikmin to be flowered and ready! because this next floor is super hard.

Floor 24[]

Now were here. The last floor was hard, wasn't it? not at all but just a warning, thats not even close to what we have here in stock. This floor has 5 purples fall for you that float back up when you defeat the enemies. This has in stock, 2 Waterwraith's, 5 Spotty Bulbear's, 20 Dwarf Bulbear's, and worst of all, 5 Segmented Crawbster's and 15 Ranging Bloyster's, and 10 Emperor Bulblax's. for the waterwraiths they come down first, so use the 5 purples you got, then comes the dwarf bulbears, but only 10, then comes the spotty bulbear and the rest of the dwarf's, 1 crawbster comes down at a time, then 3 ranging bloysters come down at a time, then comes 5 emperor bulblaxes at a time(yes they are the bulblaxes from pikmin 2, otherwise, the last 2 waves would be impossible.) next is the rest floor..... or is it?

Floor 25[]

This looks like a rest floor, with a ton of candyop buds and eggs. except, it isnt a rest floor. This rest floor has a candy pop bud that goes for pikmin blood, the Carnivorous Candypop Bud. This enemy disguises itsself as any type of candypop bud, it eats the pikmin that go in it, just they dont spit them out as new pikmin. The way to distinguish them from regular candypop buds, swarm every candypop bud you see. if you keep swarming the carnivorous one, you will kill it, for more info, click the link of the Carnivorous Candypop Bud. Also you may be asking what do the eggs drop? lit Bomb-Rocks or Male Sheargrubs/shearwigs. There has been occasions of bomb rocks coming out of eggs before in Pikmin 3, an original game from the pikmin franchise.

Floor 26[]

This isnt actually as hard if you think about it, there's just bomb rocks and falling rocks. Thats just a pepare though, a Waterwraith drops in after you set off 5 bomb rocks. after you get rid of the waterwraith, a Clambering Wraith comes down, then a Firewraith, then an Electrowraith, and finally an Acidwraith. for the acidwraith, Green Pikmin fall down for you, since they are the only ones resistant to acid, though none need to be stunned except for the waterwraith. this is also nicknamed "the wraith cavern" obviously because there is just wraith after wraith falling down until the acidwraith. there is no hole however. For this reason there is a key that drops from the acidwraith. Once the pod absorbs it the hole will open up right next to it, get prepared, because you thought floor 24 was hell, get ready for a beating here

Floor 27[]

This i think is the hardest sublevel, other than the bosses, as there is a trash pile, you may be thinking, "not a fully armed Titan Dweevil cmon!" your absolutely wrong, its a Goliath Long Legs, this is a veeeery complicated enemy, so you best be ready as it weilds 8 weapons instead of 4, and the regular 4 the titan dweevil had are legit improved. for more info click the link of the boss. Also, once the goliath long legs fully wakes up, it roars(this is not a real feature of the goliath long legs, this is just added) once its done roaring, 5 Beady Long Legs, 3 Raging Long Legs, 2 Man-at-Legs, and 1 titan dweevil without the electric attack(i forgot the name of that thing if you know it please replace all this test in the parenthysis and replace electric attack with the name of it, anyways moving on) all of the weapons on the titan dweevil have half health and for help, 50 Purples fall down for you. even if you have 100 pikmin. take out the beady/raging long legs first, then the man at legs, then the titan dweevil. ALL of them are at half hp except the goliath long legs guess what, LITERALLY NONE OF THOSE GUYS HOLD THE KEY, behind you there is a passway that you can go through which has a Waterwraith without its rollers. kill that with the 50 purples you were probably given when you started fighting the goliath long legs and he drops the key. there you go! you got not much of a fight if you just left with the purples and killed the waterwraith. your probably suprised so badly for that one arent you? good luck getting through this though. the purples that fell dont come with you to floor 28 btw.

Floor 28[]

this is super hard, as there is a really huge maze that has 50 Waterwraiths in it, like jesus christ! you get 15 purples and the waterwraiths only come down after you enter the maze. they are at 1/4 of their health to be fair, because who would want 50 max hp waterwraiths!? anyways just pummel with purples and you should be fine... and theres an empress and emperor bulblax at the end. at half hp. keep pummeling with the purples and your gooood to go. thats all for this floor.

Floor 29[]

This floor isnt too hard. its just a bomb rock in plain sight. the problem is thats the only way to go, and when you get there, it will be a ton of Careening Dirigibugs and Juggling Dirigibugs. take care of them carefully. there isnt much water around, like a desert. Now defeat the careening/juggling dirigibugs and your ready to go. but at the end you have to go in solo and punch the bomb rock to move on, the problem is, its a super long timer, doesnt that remind us from the bomb rock from the Pit of 100 trials from Pikmin 2.1 (Challenge Mode)? its a nuclear bomb rock, once the pathway opened up, hurry and defeat the 5 Spotty Bulbears, and then a Waterwraith, then finally a quarter hp Smoky Progg. once you beat the progg, you now have the key, have 3 whites take it and escape fast before the bomb rock blows up the entire sublevel!

Floor 30[]

This floor is a reminder of literally deltarune. As the map is the Kingdom of Darkness, where the character ralsei appears, believe it or not, ralsei is there, once you enter the doors in front of the castle you will meet ralsei and she will aid you in battle. Ralsei is a character who is the prince of darkness, yet is a very kind hearted darkner. she can be played as another captain(i didnt wanna give off deltarune info because this is a pikmin wiki NOT a deltarune wiki.) and she has an ability to heal all captains to max. however this can only be used once and will not revive captains if they took too much damage. Ralsei is a playable charachter from this floor, but the ability can only be used on deltarune floors once. this is 1 of 2 deltarune floors. there is also 1 undertale floor. anyways back onto the floor enemies its self. once you defeat a waterwraith with your newfound captain(there are too many waterwraith floors) you will encounter a milite, this milite will excrete when defeated, exactly 50 sheargrubs, 25 female and 25 male, the male will always stay near each other while the female will actually stay near 1 male, making it hard to know which male the females are staying with. after that its just a dwarf bulbear and thats it, you keep your newfound captain and head into the next floor!

Floor 31[]

Here is where your newfound captain will be useful, there are three ways to go, each having a symbol of which captain to go that way. as olimar, go the way with the red circle, as you will face a Pileated Snagret along with 2 Burrowing Snagret and 1 half healthed Burrowing Snarrow. for the next one there is a green dot with some black above the middle, this calls for ralsei(if you dont get into the correct path with the correct captain the captain will instantly die by a volley of spewing water from above.) now ralsei will face on an empress bulblax, but here's the trick, if you use a code when ralsei is in front of the empress bulblax called "mercyfortheday" the empress bulblax will stop attacking and spewing Bulborb Larva, basically a pacifist. the way to use this code is there is a place in the area, its very obvious to where it is when you see it, its behind the empress bulblax and then you type the code in with the gamepad and the the bulblax becomes a pacifist. and it will spit out the key instead of the larvae if you go there last. finally is a blue dod(duh you know who this is gonna be) louie goes down this path to face a horde of dwarf bulborbs. this is literally the easiest if you just throw around at them like an absolute MADMAN. thats all, the next floor i promise has no waterwraiths.

Floor 32[]

this is legit an easy floor so you can breathe a bit. all there is is just a puffstool. Literally. Defeat this then grab the key for the next floor.

Floor 33[]

this one is actually rather difficult, as there are Violet Candypop Buds, yeah the diddly darn thing is they want to trick you into doing that as your facing a titan dweevil here, anything but purples are required for battle here. Get rid of the Shock Therapist and then go for the Comedy Bomb, last are the Monster Pump and the Flare Cannon. you can do those whichever order you like but get rid of the shock therapist first and then the comedy bomb second as if you don't you may have a rough fight. once you defeat the first titan dweevil, another comes in, just without the shock therapist. once you defeat that, another drops in without the shock therapist and the comedy bomb, next comes in without shock therapist comedy bomb or monster pump, once you defeat the one with only the flare cannon it will drop the key to the next floor. This will be a long battle however, so don't be impatient!

Floor 34[]

5 Titan Dweevils. what more do i need to say. at least they only have certain weapons, the left one has only Shock Therapist, the one next to the left only has Monster Pump, the one on the right only has Comedy Bomb, and the one next to the right has the Flare Cannon. the one in the middle however has all of them, be careful!

Floor 35[]

This is a complex floor, as it has a huge maze in it, but wait..... whats that falling down in the middle? bomb rock, it cant be, it looks more blue then red or orange.... oh wait is it the Nuclear Bomb-Rock again? I GOTTA RUN!" there will be a nuclear bomb rock falling in the middle of this huge maze after you enter it and stay in thee maze for 10 seconds. however, the cooldown,124 seconds, would be too short. so we changed the time to 1000 seconds to make it fair. there is a Spotty Bulbear wandering around with 3 Dwarf Bulbears. the real deal is to just leave them alone because your taking up time, you may lose a few pikmin while sprinting past it, but its better than losing all of them to a nuclear bomb rock, right?

Floor 36[]

there is a volley of waterwraiths to trample you, and there is a 1/10 chance that a waterwraith will turn into a Firewraith. this is a very hard deal, also there is a new candypop bud that mixes 2 colors in, throw a red and purple into the bud that isn't purple and you get the fire purple pikmin. as the purple pikmin will turn red and this lasts for a limited time and they will eventually split up. (i forgot the name of the candypop bud that mixes 2 pikmin) The new feature too is that when you mix up the red and purple their damage mixes up too. so it's 3.50 damage, as Red Pikmin have 1.5 damage, and Purple Pikmin have 2.0 damage. so the wraiths will be easier. have fun though! also i forgot to mention how many wraiths there are, there's 25.

Floor 37[]

so i made a challenge here, you have a nuclear bomb rock that lights up literally automatically when you enter a room, as an emeny will wake up and try to devour it, but instead it lights it up, you have 128 seconds to defeat a weapon-less Titan Dweevil, then the 15 milites it drops, after that have pikmin carry the key and keep standing where the titan dweevil pile was. Once the key is in spam the button to go to the next area(also known as the A button) then you get outta there, dont worry, your pimin that were carrying the key somehow teleport to you to go down with you!

Floor 50[]

this is your one and only rest sublevel and one of the 3 sublevels to have treasure. this treasure is the #2 scribbler.

there's also some bulbmin!

Floor 10

Floor 75[]

Looks like we ran into up to 11 Bulbearmin and an Empress Bulblax that makes rocks fall out of the sky, but at least the bulblax won't produce Bulborb Larvae.

Floor 98[]

You fall, and suddenly, medieval castle hallway? You walk down it, with only the ambient sound of electric, falling bricks and scraping hardened clay, you walk to the circular arena, when suddenly, a pile of sand blocks the way you came, the walls begin to crumble, and soon electricity begins surging through the sublevel, a strange wail can be heard, and soon later, a bright flash envelopes the screen, and when it fades out, the whole pathway to the arena vanishes, and very few patches of the wall still have the bricks in them, soon, a wailing, featureless plasma ball descends, this is the Mythical Essence.

It was the one behind the bizarre mechanics in the earlier sublevels, like the collapsing mechanical tower or flooding toxic sludge, it can throw plasma orbs around that transform into all the normal enemies, a Bomb Rock, or weak Man-at-Legs that die after attacking. It can aim at a specific Pikmin type with a laser, you must dismiss your army so that they don't all get destroyed, once the laser blinks red, your must call the tyoe it's over or it will shoot a lightning bolt to kill all of that type, faliure to dismiss them can destroy your whole army.

The foe can only be harmed when red, if blue, Pikmin are deflowered and bounced off, if defeated, it will become unstable, causing boulders to fall and rocks to jut out of the ground, a small plasma orb then floats down to sublevel 100, the whole sublevel begins collapsing, which can be heard as minit ambience in the last two sublevels.

Floor 99[]

time for more misery you shouldn't have many pikmin so put in some bulbmin! did I mention that you have to face the Titan Dweevil here?

FLOOR 100![]

duhdundundunduhdun DUN! final floor! and... its... empty? NOT heres the one and only place you'll find the Razor Blade.


once you beat the Razor Blade and retrieve the Final Coin the screen will fade white and you'll be teleported to the surface and the cave explodes sending a wave of plasma energy through the planet. you will then have highly increased speed and strength for the captains and pikmin.

anyone can add their own floor (21-49 51-74 76-98) to this pit of 100 trials!