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Into Enemy Country Edit

Past the facility around the Supercomputer Complex in the Forest Depths down the long path, you'll come to a depressing clearing; the entire area ahead is a stinking lake of oil slicks, acids and all kinds of noxious chemicals. You'll need to use the strengths of Green Pikmin, Black Pikmin, and White Pikmin to forge pathways across the mire of sludge and slime. One of the pathways leads onwards to the last section of the area, while the other takes a different path through the forest that ends with a dungeon entrance to this cave. It's 10 floors and is inhabited by many predatory creatures, as the name implies. Enemies tend to wander around the sprawling layouts here, which are so large that each sublevel could almost be called a "mini-area" kind of like the Final Trial in Pikmin 1. The final floor boss here is a gargantuan wandering predator that can swallow virtually your entire army in one gulp.

Wildlife Edit


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