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Scientific Name Nektara fatuus aqus
Family Honeywisp
Areas N/A
Underground Areas Dark Wetland Cave, Worlds Beyond
Carry Weight N/A
Seed Worth N/A
Attacks Drowns Pikmin

This creature is a relative of the Honeywisp that seems to be blue instead of pink. It holds a raindrop at the bottom instead of a drop of nectar or a spray dose. This means that there's nothing to be gained for defeating a Rainwisp other than a raindrop that will break when it hits the ground and endanger non-blue Pikmin. It's possible that it is out gathering water for its young to drink.


In other gamesEdit


cook it for 10minits and eat it with a hot bulborb stew

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In PikSpore, these creatures are more aggressive, dropping the raindrop when Pikmin walk underneath. The raindrop quickly regenerates, making this an annoying foe when it's in groups.

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