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After the Lesser Spotted Jellyfloat died out with the Greater Spotted Jellyfloat, there were a few remaining stragglers that had rapidly mutated to survive the changing conditions. These jellyfloats, though very few in number, became increasingly aggravated and dangerous. They secrete the same chemicals as a Fiery Bulblax to heat themselves in the cold environments, but the dark smoke it gives off when coming into contact with the jellyfloat's skin is dangerous to all Pikmin. It causes them to run around as if an Emperor Bulblax roared at them if they smell it. While the Pikmin run in a frenzy, the jellyfloat utilizes newly-improved suction to quickly intake Pikmin. However, it may unintentionally also eat whatever else lies around on the ground. So the point is to get the jellyfloat to suck up the wrong objects, like rocks for instance. When it takes in too many things at once, it simply explodes in midair. Otherwise, fighting the jellyfloat is impossible because Pikmin thrown at the jellyfloat will be blinded by the dark smoke.


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